Friday, October 26, 2007

A plea to other drivers

Eastern Box Turtle, Historic National Road, Maryland

I found this Eastern Box Turtle in the middle of the road on MD 144 in Western Maryland. I didn't have enough time to stop, and my vehicle passed over him, though fortunately without making contact with it. The turtle was very scared and remained pulled up into its shell for a considerable period of time afterward. It appeared to be uninjured - there was no sign of blood anywhere or new scuffing on its shell. I placed it a bit off the road, in the direction that it appeared to be traveling. I returned a half hour later, and it was still there, sealed in its shell. When I returned several hours later, it seemed to have moved on - it was not to be found anywhere in the surrounding area.

Please, when you are driving, watch out for wildlife, especially slow moving animals.

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