Saturday, October 13, 2007

Another mile closer to Baltimore

It seems that I've had to change the name of this blog again - the last milestone listing a distance toward Baltimore is now number 125. I'd forgotten about some material that I found in my research in the library of the Washington County Historical Society. They documented the existence of milestones "9 M To C" and "7 M To C" in the Western Maryland Railway Station and Western Maryland Railway Depot boiler room, in Cumberland, which I assume are the same building. The people I talked to in the National Park Service visitor center there didn't know about them, so perhaps they have been moved elsewhere.

If you have any information about the location of these milestones, I'd love to hear about it.

The station also appears to have housed a milestone in rather poor condition, with the number 32 on it - perhaps this is the missing 32 M To B?


Stu Daddy said...

Glad to have discovered your blog! Just happened to be on browsing Maryland State Park photos, then came across the National Road group.

Impressive research and appreciation for a national historical treasure. Thanks for sharing your work.

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

I'm glad you like it. The more I find, the more I realize that there is to find.