Friday, January 18, 2008

Another perspective on the National Road, with more history and less rambling!

I came across Ryan's History and Education Site Blog this morning. He presents the history of his area, West Virginia and western Pennsylvania, utilizing historic photographs.

Ryan has a few entries that might be interesting: Traveling the National Road - Taverns and Wagon Stands; The Old National Road and Early Politics; and The S Bridge.

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Ryan said...

Thanks for the advertisement! That's an excellent picture of the second bridge and I wish that concrete was not covering the stone too. Most people don't even realize the significance of the bridges history. It's also heavily traveled.

The demolished bridge sat almost exactly where the new one sits. If your traveling west on 40, there's a Volkswagen car dealership on the right, and after you pass that your on the bridge. The Peters Run Road intersection is located beside the dealership which is also a good way to pin point the location.

I hope that helps. I know I'll enjoy your blog and pictures. I linked your page to mine, and thanks again!