Monday, February 4, 2008

A different sort of road junkie

I recently discovered B&O RR Photo Tours, a wondeful website documenting the remains of the historic Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in the Baltmore area. It's especially interesting because of the number of stone bridges and culverts that remain in service, including two National Historic Landmarks - the Carrollton Viaduct and the Thomas Viaduct. Like the National Road, the B&O used milestones. Surprisingly, they are much better condition than their counterparts on the National Road, even though they are but 30 years younger.

The website also provided some insight into a bit of confusion I've had about an old alignment east of Mt. Airy. It seems that there used to be an at-grade crossing, which was later changed to a bridge - which explains the two old alignments. I've obtained a photograph of the creation of the new alignment, and will be posting it shortly.

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